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1 December 1979
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a&f, alanis morrissette, ambercrombie movies, angelina jolie, animals, anorexia, art, barf, baskin and robins, bath n body works, beauty, being complicated, being inspired, best friends, bones, books, box knives, bulimia, caffine, candles, candy, carving, cats, clarence, clarence the cat, clubs, colorful pens, complicated, confetti, control, crying, cutting, dancing in the rain, depression, dixie chicks, doc martens, drain-o, dreaming, dreams, eating disorders, er, escape, escaping, euphoria, existance, fanatic, fasting, fiona apple, flowers, freddie, free falling, freedom, friend, frustration, fuck everyone, gap, glitter, gymnastics, happy h hints, hepelessness, hiding, high, honesty, hotel bathrooms, innocence, insomina, isolation, jamba juice, karate, kimberly my soul sister, kissing, laundry, law and order, life, lightning, lip gloss, living, love, loving, ma soeur d'ame, mental illness, music, nelly, old navy, paper life, peace, perfection, photography, pills, pink, poetry, porphyria, prozac, psychology, puking, purging, rain, recovery, release, road rules, road trips, running away, s kim, sand, screaming, self-control, self-mutilation, sending cards, sex on the beach, shoes, shopping, showers, sleeping, smiling, socks, sparkles, spirituality, starving, stone phillips, storms, strength, sun, sunset, swedish fish, sylvia plath, tattoos, tatum o'neal, the beach, the ocean, thunder, tongue piercing, train, tv, twirling in circles, valium, victoria secret, wasted, writing, writing letters, yoga

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