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phone numbers [06 Oct 2008|04:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey guys, I know that I haven't written much. I haven't been feeling very good therefore I have been spending a lot of time away from the computer I basically check my email, sometimes myspace but that is it lately. But I come on here today because I have a problem. My cell phone broke and they couldn't fix it and so I had to buy a new one (that was a nice almost 300$) and it lost all of my contacts so if you guys would send me back your numbers, I would appreciate it very much!

Love to you all! If any of you don't have mine let me know and I will give it to you.

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[04 Aug 2008|03:51pm]
I went to my 10 year high school reunion on Friday and I don't drink, maybe a couple of times a year and Betsy (my best friend since before we started school) is breast feeding so she couldn't drink but they had beer and wine with dinner so every time her husband would get a beer he'd get me a glass of wine and at the end I had ended up with 4 glasses of wine and 2 or 3 mixed drinks. I was out dancing and Jaime does NOT dance....lol but it was fun, people change and grow up so it was nice a lot of the girls looked the same but the guys I couldn't figure out who they were! I went by a group of guys and they all gave me a hug and and I only could reconize one of them.

It was nice. I'll write more later.

Love you all.
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oh how it sucks.... [15 Apr 2008|10:40pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

money sucks right now. I'm overdrawn at the bank, got a call from comcast saying if I don't come up with $218 they're cutting off my tv and internet, I don't get what is different this month. I paid the same bills. I'm going to have to go through my check book. Me without tv and the internet=raging bitch, so we'll see. There is another cable company I am going to call and find the prices because I think I am paying way tooo much for this. Anyhow, I'm in a bitchy mood, decided to leave it here!

bye guys

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[12 Apr 2008|04:41pm]
how do I change to the icons that I have to other ones? I have a bunch but since I don't have a paid acount I can only use what...6 or something, and I want to change them to other ones, anyone know how to do that?...thanks.

much love
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[02 Jan 2008|01:30am]
Hey guys-
Its been a while, I haven't posted since early September. Things have been...going...Christmas was alright. My moms roommates daughter was here from Hawaii so that was nice. I just got on here to check out a few things I will come on here and catch you guys up with whats going on in the next couple days. Take care.

Loves to you all
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Its over.... [04 Sep 2007|01:01am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm DONE!!! My externship is over with. I am so excited! Yet it was bitter sweet to leave all the people that have taught me so many new things. THey run like a big family there and brought me in as if I was one of them, never talked down to me b/c I was a "student" they were great. I just need to decide what to do next. I'm going to try and get a per diem job with them that way I can work just under the amount that disabilty will let me without fucking that up. The last thing I need to do is to fuck up my medical coverage! Anyhow just wanted to let you guys know, I'm done....yayyyyyyyy!!!

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question... [04 Aug 2007|03:23am]
[ mood | irritated ]

Does anyone have the cholate phone with the extra music thing that you buy? I can figure it out and its pissing me off! So if anyone could help me out I would love it!!!

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IMPORTANT NEWS [01 Jun 2007|06:15am]
>McDonalds, Chuck E Cheese, Discovery Zone... Some of you might not
>be parents, but you may have nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends
>with children. This will pertain to you too. As I read the following, my
>heart sank. I urge each and every one of you to pass this on to as many
>people as you can. I cannot stress how important this is!
>This is very disturbing news. In addition to the following true
>One son lost his watch, and was very upset. We dug and dug in those
>balls, trying to find the watch.
>Instead, we found vomit, food, feces, and other stuff I do not want to
>discuss. I went to the manager and raised hell. Come to find out, the
>ball pit is only cleaned out once a month. I have doubts that it is even
>done that often. My kids will never play in another ball pit. Now read
>Hi. My name is Lauren Archer, my son Kevin and I lived in Midland,TN.
>On October 2nd, 1999 I took my only son to McDonald's for his 3rd
>After he finished lunch, I allowed him to play in the ball pit. When he
>started whining later on, I asked him what was wrong, he pointed to the
>back of his pull-up and simply said "Mommy, it hurts." I couldn't find
>anything wrong with him at that time. I bathed him when we got home, and
>it was at that point when I found a welt on his left buttock. Upon
>investigating, it seemed as if there was something like a splinter under
>the welt. I made an appointment to see the doctor the next day, but
>he started vomiting and shaking, then his eyes rolled back into his
>From there, we went to the emergency room. He died later that night. It
>turned out that the welt on his buttock was the tip of a hypodermic
>needle that had broken off inside. The autopsy revealed that Kevin had
>died from a heroine overdose. The next week, the police removed the
>balls from the ball pit. There was rotten food, several hypodermic
>needles: some full, some used; knives, half-eaten candy, diapers, feces,
>and the stench of urine.
>If a child is not safe in a child's play area then where? You can find
>the article on Kevin Archer in the October 10,1999 issue of the Midland
>Please forward this to all loving mothers, fathers and anyone who loves
>and cares for children!
>Don't think it's just McDonald's either or that this is something that
>just started. When my oldest son who is now 9 was small the area Burger
>King closed their play area for awhile for "remodeling" because in
>another town there had been an incident similar to the one described
>above that happen @ a Burger King.
>A little boy had been playing in a ball pit & started complaining of
>his legs hurting. He later died too. He was found to have snake bites
>all over his legs & buttocks. When they cleaned the ball pit they found
>that there was a copperhead nest in the ball pit. He had suffered
>numerous bites from a very poisonous snake.
>Repost this if it scares the crap out of you! Repost this if you care
>about our kids!!!
>In Florida and other places on the East Coast a group of people are
>putting HIV/AIDS infected and filled needles underneath gas pump
>handles, so when someone reaches to pick it up and put gas in their car,
>they get stabbed with it. 16 people have been a victim of this crime so
>far and 10 tested HIV positive. Instead of posting that stupid crap
>about how your love life will suck for years to come of you don't
>re-post, post this. It's important to inform people, even if you don't
>drive, a family member might, and what if they were next? CHECK UNDER
>people as you can about this serious issue, Repost with the title:
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[06 Apr 2007|03:59am]
[ mood | crushed ]

As I woke up yesterday I thought "it was just a dream...right?" I almost called my mom to make sure it was real but all I had to do was come on here and read my post and my moms and realized that yes, it did happen. Some people don't realize how some animals become part of your family, some just aren't out in a back yard and never get much attention just food and water as needed. Some are in the house most of the time except to go potty like Lady did. She laid on the floor near me a lot of te time when I was at my moms house, I know that when I was in my grandpas office at night online she was always down by my feet. Then I would sleep on the couch and she would get betweeen me and the coffee table waiting for her petting until she slinked down to get a belly rub before I went to sleep. I'm glad that I talked to her the night before she went in and told her how much that I loved her and that I was glad that I was able to get her at the pound. Then in the morning before she went in I gave her another belly rub. I can't get my mind over it though. I mean, I keep thinking that I should have gone with them when they took her and told them that she is a nervous dog so they need to make sure to keep that in mind b/c if she died of a heart attack it sounds like she cae out of anestisa too fast and got scared and thats when she had the heart attack. Its not going to be the same at my moms without Lady being there. She will never be able to be replaced just like Crackers was never replaced, although we got Lady she never replaced Crackers. I just hope that Lady is with Crackers telling Crackers about how all of us are now and how we've grown up and Crackers telling Lady about how me and my brother were as children. I hope they are with my grandmother as she LOVED dogs. I cry everytime I think of her or talk to her. I have a good friend that I have talked that is going through a rough time so we've been on the phone crying to each other. I just can't believe that she is gonw. Its going to be a while until I go to my moms I think, its going to feel too empty now. I'll write more later.

Thank you Lady for being my best friend for so long. For being there to lick my tears away when I was sad and going for a walk with me when I was mad. I will miss you more then I could come up with words to post here. I never knew that this would be this hard and as mean as this is to say there are some faimly members I would be less upset to see die then YOU. I'm glad that you were part of the family for as long as you were but hope that you were happy. I hope that your life with us made up for the abuse that you had endured before you came to us. I am so glad that I picked you out that day at the pound, I was drawn to you even though you cowered and since you were so stressed from the abuse your tail was always between your legs, you had bald spots on you from the nervousness. But the day that you died you werent that dog anymore. You were a dog that wagged her tail so fiercly that I thought you were going to break something with that tail someday. You had a full body of fur and you finally felt like you could bark. It took you years to bark thinking something terrible might happen to you. I am going to miss you forever and you will never be forgotten.

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*crying* [04 Apr 2007|08:42pm]
[ mood | restless ]

today Lady the dog that I got at the pound 11 years ago went in to have a few teeth pulled and the rest cleaned. Well, he had finished it all and she was coming out of the anethisia and she had a heart attack and he said he tried to revive her but she passed. Its strange how dogs/animals in general become a part of the family. To be perfectly honest I do better with people dying then animals! Its just going to be really hard to be here and not see her anymore. Or to go outside and she not go on her daily walks in the morning. I miss her.

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Some good news... [15 Mar 2007|07:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, I talked to this lady Renee' about my externship. She takes care of all docs that got through providence down here and I guess Dr. Gables office does (my ob/gyn that has done a few of my surgeries) I want to do my extern there because I want to someday take a midwife program, so this is the start of that, plus I want to see him in surgery. So we talked about why I wanted to do it there and she has an open spot at an internal medicine specialist that she highly suggested because this particular place I guess does their own blood draws, and urine so it sounds like the MA also does all this other stuff she says its a fast paced office and I think she wants me to go there because the girl that is the MA there needs help, but I really want to work with women so we decided that I would start with Dr. Gable and then possibly in the middle go over to the other office and do the rest of my externship there. So I think that would be the best idea. I asked my externship coordinator about it and she basically said whatever I can get and want to do then do it. Plus this lady was really nice about me not being able to work 8 hours a day. I was on medical leave too long so they had to un in roll me in school and then I'll be in-rolled in about two weeks or so. I am getting so excited to start. I want to get it done. I realized the other day though, that its been MONTHS since I have taken a blood pressure so when I go back down to my moms house I am going to start taking everyone all the time so I can get the hang of it again. Its one of those things though that once you learn you basically don't forget but I want to make sure thats ok. In clinic when we were suppose to be doing that we would do it maybe once a month instead of like the 4 times we were suppose to and then we would just tweak with the numbers a little just because it was just such a pain in the ass. But now I want to make sure I'm good at it. Anyhow. That basically is what is new with me. I'm feeling MUCH better since surgery. Still not sure what we are going to do such as treatment.I'm leaving twords birth control pills. Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well. I have been using myspace a lot lately so I have been neglecting my lj a lot. Sorry. Oh, also, I asked this on myspace and I'll ask here. I'm looking for a new carrier for my cell phone and was wondering what you guys like the best? My friend sara likes cingular and she is the person I text the most and it'd be free for us to test and talk. So I don't know yet. Feedback would be nic.

Take care, time for my bed....yes at 8am...lol later
Much love,

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Copy'd from Kim [03 Jan 2007|12:32am]
Your Aura is Blue

Spiritual and calm, you tend to live a quiet but enriching life.
You are very giving of yourself. And it's hard for you to let go of relationships.

The purpose of your life: showing love to other people

Famous blues include: Angelina Jolie, the Dali Lama, Oprah

Careers for you to try: Psychic, Peace Corps Volunteer, Counselor
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Yay [28 Dec 2006|09:21pm]
Found out a few days ago that my best friend since I was 4 is pregnant. She is due in July. I am going to see her next month she will be over here. I am so excited for her and her husband. YAY
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[20 Dec 2006|04:49pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

On the twelfth day of Christmas, zoyee sent to me...
Twelve showers smiling
Eleven sparkles starving
Ten candles a-cutting
Nine animals carving
Eight storms a-loving
Seven books a-sleeping
Six pills a-hiding
Five be-e-e-est friends
Four stone phillips
Three dixie chicks
Two road rules
...and a glitter in an angelina jolie.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Not so happy... [19 Dec 2006|02:33pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I just got home from getting my picc line pulled. It was a little red last week and had a puss comming out of it so they cultured it and put me on antibiotics, so I get a call last night that the culture came back with some infection that has been on the news Messa or some shit like that she said it once and she is chineese or something so I couldn't underderstand but she said it was all over the news and is fatal and it was already "septic" so it had to go when I heard that I was okay with it I mean fuck, its simple to put another picc in they do it at my bedside no biggie. I just have to miss time on my extern b/c of this and its pissing me off. So since the doc and PA didn't talk, they pulled it first before talking about antibiotics b/c the PA wanted me on IV antibiotics but they pulled it first. So she put me on two different types of oral ones and if they don't work then we will have to go to the IV and put a piss in them. Frustrating!!! I am so sick of this.

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woohoo [13 Dec 2006|11:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I had my first day of extern today. I am doing it at the vetrans hospital. I had the great first day I just hope that it continues like thiat. I am going to be there 8-4:30. Not too bad but for those of that know me well know that that comes early for me. especially working for no pay. ick. but its cool. I wasd thrown right into it all I only needed help with a few of them so it was nice. The girls that I am working with are really nice. I was afraid that I was going to have to work with someone from school that doesn't like me. But so far we aren't. I was getting a tour and saw her and she had the "what the fuck are you doing here" b/c they were only suppose to take one extern and always has. Anyhow I am so tired I will write more later tomorrow after I am done at my site.


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Thanks.... [03 Dec 2006|06:28am]
Thank you all that wished me a happy birthday and gave me congrats on my pinning! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELE!!!!
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woohooo [01 Dec 2006|02:14pm]
[ mood | excited and neverous ]

So, yesterday I graduated or actually was "pinned" we don't actually aren't considered graduated until after we finish our externship, then we don't even get out graduation ceramony until March I believe. And then today is my birthday so it was the best birthday present! I failed my 7th mod final but re-took it and she didn't really graded it but just told me that I passed it. I asked her and yesterday "what happens if you don't pass it the 2nd time?" and she said "Nothing" so I was terrified that I wouldn't pass it and then I wouldn't be able to start extership next week and then it would be all screwed up but then she tells me that it doesn't matter if you pass it or not you just have to take the test twice. We had out final as well, and I got an 88% and 80% pretty sad for an oppen book test. But I was just getting so irritated looking up answeres so I just didn't look at them up and picked the answers that I would have if it had not been open book. Well, I should get some sleep, I can't believe I am going to an interview already!! Although part of me is scared to work for this month because what if I don't make it in for some reason, but as many times I have missed school, I am scarred

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Its getting to be that time of the year [15 Nov 2006|05:35pm]
I need to get everyone's address so that I can have it please! I'm going to actually get the cards out this year.....
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YAY [11 Nov 2006|08:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

8 hours and I see the Dixie Chicks!!!! Whooohoo!!!!!

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